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Physiotherapy care mainly focuses on restoring, improving, and maintaining a person’s physical function.  

Our physiotherapists are the physical rehab experts on the clinical team. They can accelerate your injury recovery and effectively prepare your body to return to the daily physical demands in your life. Whether your needs are related to family, work, exercise, or sport, they got you covered.

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Chiropractic Care

At KINECT, our Chiropractors do not just focus on the spine. Their knowledge makes them clinical experts at evaluating and treating musculoskeletal problems within the body.

Highly skilled with the use of hands-on manual techniques and corrective exercises, they have helped many clients resolve their pain and return back to doing the things they love. They are a valuable asset to the physical rehab team.

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Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is treatment-based bodywork that is focused on helping to restore and promote healthy muscles and soft tissues.

Rather than just “release muscle tightness”, Our massage therapists have extensive training in treating musculoskeletal issues and pain that are associated with a soft tissue problem. On the KINECT team, we consider them to be the soft tissue treatment experts, a key element towards anyone’s rehab journey.

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Kinesiology Care

A new regulated health profession, Kinesiology care is a service that easily elevates the recovery process related to an injury or pain/discomfort.

Within the rehab team, our Kinesiologist focuses on movement fundamentals.  They are masters at identifying and resolving any global movement dysfunctions that may be a relevant underlying factor contributing to the person’s clinical symptoms or problem.  Addressing this will result in improved function, recovery, and clinical outcomes.

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Custom Orthotics & Brace Fitting

If you’re having problems affecting your feet locally or up into the knees and hips, getting custom orthotics may provide the solution you are looking for.  At KINECT, we believe the best custom orthotic is one that’s actually needed. 

That’s why a thorough biomechanical assessment and 3D structural foot scan are first performed by one of our experienced clinicians.  This helps us make better decisions when it comes to recommending, designing, and casting an orthotic we know will give your next step the confidence it needs.

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