Natalia Bastos Cruz

Clinic Administrator

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As a clinic administrator and a nature enthusiast, she enjoys invigorating walks, especially with a furry companion by her side. Her compassionate nature and unwavering optimism ensure that her Kinect experience is extraordinary.

Originally from Colombia, Natalia has a degree in Nutrition and ventured to Toronto to enter the world of sales and marketing. Beyond her professional activities, she finds solace in the art of photography and the discipline of Pilates. Natalia eagerly anticipates connecting with Kinect patients, ready to share stories and lend a listening ear.

Natalia's Interests:

  • She loves exploring new culinary treasures.
  • Candle-making is one of her most treasured hobbies.
  • A perfectly brewed cup of coffee brings her immense joy.
  • Her home is adorned with a variety of houseplants that reflect her love for the beauty of nature.