Jimmy Cho


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Jimmy is a well-seasoned movement therapist, possessing 15 years of experience in the health and physical therapy/rehabilitation industry.  His treatment approach focuses on restoring global movement function to help people resolve pain and injuries, or optimize health and performance.  At KINECT, Jimmy mainly works with athletes and people who seek to improve their overall health and physical function.  

Jimmy also currently serves as one of the recognized sports therapists for the Ontario Blue Jays, dealing with baseball-specific injuries, post-surgical recovery, and seasonal baseline performance testing.  Outside of athletics, Jimmy has a clinical interest in working with people who have been impacted by rheumatoid arthritis & osteoarthritis.  He has been able to help them develop a greater level of physical function and quality of life.

In his spare time, Jimmy enjoys the outdoors, hiking, camping, and being physically active.  He also loves being a new dad.

Education Credentials

- doctor of physical therapy (doctoral degree)
- specialized honors bachelor of science (kinesiology)

Treatment Applications

- Active Muscle Release Therapy, Myofascial Release & Stretching, Mulligan Mobilizations, Functional and Kinetic Treatment Rehabilitation.